Farming is hard work and requires knowledge, dedication and commitment. We strive to be great farmers where passion, perseverance together with knowledge and commitment are the main ingredients in everything we do.

We are a family owned and operated fruit and vegetable farm on 65 acres of land. We have been at this location since 1951.
Our story begins with our grandfather, Paul Meleg, who came from the former Yugoslavia with his family in 1935 and decided to settle in beautiful south western Ontario and farm the land.  The farm is located near lake Erie North Shore in Essex county, the southern most region in Canada. After many years of farming, our father, John Meleg, took over the farm and passionately continued until the year of his passing in 2010. During his long years of farming his four sons were farming with him until 1990.  However, time came when only two youngest sons, John Jr. & Thomas, decided to farm alongside their farther.  From year 1990 until John Jr. passing in September 2014 they were carrying on the family farming tradition. Presently, only the youngest son of four, Thomas, is farming his grandfather’s land.  Proudly continuing in the footsteps of his grandfather and father, Thomas is dedicating all his time and energy to grow safe, high quality & nutritious produce.

We offer both, pick your own and ready picked fruits.

Our main crops are:

    • apples & peaches
    • strawberries & cherries
    • raspberries & blackberries
    • red & black currants
    • haskaps (honey berries) & goose berries
    • plums & pears